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Abattoirs Management
Accessories and Supplies Animals and Birds – Retail Sale
Accounting Records and Books Keeping organization
Accounts Auditing.
Administrative Consultancy And Studies
Administrative Services For Businessmen
Advertisement Boards Cleaning Services
Advertisements Designing and Production
Advertising services through websites
Afforestation Contracting
Agricultural Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Agricultural Pest Control
Agricultural Projects Management
Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Consultancy
Agriculture and Animal and Fisheries Wealth Engineering Consultancy
Air Aviation and Communication Services of Civil Aviation Consultancy
Air Conditioning, Ventilation Air Cooling Systems Maintenance, Installation and Contracting
Air Means of Transportation Inspection and Classification
Air-Conditioning, Cooling, Heating and Ventilation Engineering Consultancy
Airplanes Cleaning Services
Airport Security Services
Airports Contracting
Airports Ground Support Equipment Installation
Airports Runways Cleaning Services
Airports and Air Transportation Engineering Consultancy
Alarm Systems Installation, Fitting and Repair
All Kind Building Projects Contracting
All Kinds of Warehouses Contracting
Animal Wealth Engineering Consultancy
Arabic Minerware Tailoring
Arabic minerware tailoring -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Architectural Engineering Consultancy
Architectural Production and Drawing Technical Consultancy
Area Cooling Stations Construction Contracting
Artistic Bands Contracting
Artwork For Cosmetic Craft (Sculpture)
Auctions organization and Management
Audio Recordings Wholesale
Auto-Control and Power Engineering Consultancy
Aviation Consultancy
Aviation Devices Engineering Consultancy
Banking Services Consultancy
Bicycles Renting
Bridges And Tunnels Maintenance
Bridges Contracting
Bridges Engineering Consultancy
Building Demolition and Other Constructions and Debris Clearing
Building Sites Cleaning
Buildings Cleaning Services
Buildings Energy Efficiency Services
Buildings Maintenance
Buses Rental
Buses and Trucks New Spare Parts Trading
Buses and Trucks Used Spare Parts Trading
Calligraphers and Painters
Calligraphy and drawing works - people of determination
Camps and Labour Accommodation Management
Car Body Trading
Car Engineering Consultancy
Car Parking and Squares Management and Operation
Caravans Maintenance
Caravans Rental
Cars Accessories Trading
Cars Additional Parts Trading
Cars Batteries Trading
Cars New Spare Parts Trading
Cars Recorders and Televisions Trading
Cars Trading For Specialized Purposes
Cement and Sand Sweepings and Building Wastes Collection
Cemeteries Management
Central Air-Conditioners Maintenance
Central Gas Distribution Networks Contracting
Chemical Industries Consultancy
Children Carts Rental
Children Games Renting
Children hairdressing, trimming and styling -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Chimneys, Stoves, Ovens And Exhausts Cleaning
Civil Aviation Information Services
Civil Engineering Consultancy
Claims Analysis Engineering Consultancy
Claims Settlement Services
Cleaning and polishing cars -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Cleaning columns, tools and equipment lighting services
Cleaning the outside (interface) Buildings
Clothes and Accessories Renting
Coal Barbeque (Safari)
Cold and Hot Beverages
Collecting of Waste Ships Oil
Collection of electronic and electrical waste
Commercial Agencies
Commercial Brokers
Commercial Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Commercial Equipment and Professional Machines Renting
Commercial Ships Rental
Commodities Designing Consultancy
Communications Engineering Consultancy
Companies Representation
Complex to handle mail
Comprehensive Architectural Planning Engineering Consultancy
Computer Devices And Equipment Domain Consultancy
Computer Engineering Consultancy
Computer Infrastructure Establishment, Institution and Maintenance
Computer Machines and Equipment Renting
Computer Systems and Software Designing
Concrete Works
Concrete and Metal Facilities Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant Services
Conferences and Symposiums organization and Management
Construction Metal Structures Wholesale
Construction Metal structures Installation
Construction Projects Management Consultancy
Construction and Building or Demolition Machines and Equipment Renting
Constructional and Engineering Contracting Related To Technology Projects - Final Handover
Consultancy Project Development
Consultancy and Studies and Researches In Archeology
Consultancy and Studies and Researches In Economics
Consultancy and Studies and Researches In Linguistics
Consultancy and Studies and Researches In Literature and Arts
Consultancy of Aviation Engineering
Consultancy of Electricity Engineering
Consultancy of Survey Engineering
Consultancy, studies and researches in natural and engineering sciences
Consulting Technical Equipment And Technical
Consulting maintenance and technical operation solutions for industrial machines
Consumer Products Consultancy
Contracting Transmission Networks and Distribution of Water
Cookers and Cook Stove Repair
Coordination of Natural and Artificial Flowers
Coordination of natural and artificial flowers -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives preparation
Costing mold and accessory renting
Dams, Hydraulic and Geological Works Engineering Consultancy
Data Storing and Recovering
Debris Structures Installation
Design and Production of Frame Prototypes
Design services
Documents And Instruments Delivery
Documents Destroying Services
Doors and Windows Installation Works
Drainage Collection and Transportation
Drilling Engineering, Reservoir and Production Consultancy
Drilling Towers Setting Up, Dismantling And Repairing
Drilling and Reclamation Work Engineering Consultancy
E-Commerce Through Social Media
E-Commerce Through Websites
Economical Feasibility Consultancy And Studies
Education Services Enterprises Investment, Institution And Management
Educational Facilities Management
Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Management and Operation
Electrical Carriages Trading For Specialized Purposes
Electrical Contracting
Electrical Equipment Installation and Operation
Electrical Fittings and Fixtures Services
Electrical Generators and Transformers Installation and Maintenance
Electrical Installation For Public and Private Events
Electricity Facilities Engineering Consultancy
Electricity Plants and Networks Operation and Maintenance
Electricity Transmission and Control Equipment Installation Works
Electromechanical Equipment Installation and Maintenance
Electronic Chips Designing and Programing
Electronic Devices Engineering Consultancy
Electronic Engineering Consultancy
Electronic Equipment And Devices Systems And Software Designing
Electronic Parking Management Systems Installation and Maintenance
Elevators and Escalators Installation and Repair
Embroidered Textile
Enforcement Iron Works
Engineering Consultancy of Ship Building Engineering
Engineering Projects Arbitration Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Projects Management Consultancy
Engineering consultations on alternative energy and research
Entertainment Enterprises Investment, Institution And Management
Entertainment Halls Apparatuses and Equipments Repairing and Maintenance
Entertainment Tools and Sports Equipment Renting
Environment Pollution Control and Protection Means Engineering Consultancy
Environment Protection Establishments Building Contracting
Environmental Planning Engineering Consultancy
Environmental consultancy and studies and researches
Equipment and Apparatuses Trading of E-Games and Entertainment Halls
Examination of The Devices and Electronic Equipment
Excavation, Backfilling
Excursion Boats And Ships Renting
Exhibitions Installations Execution Works
Exhibitions organization and Management
Facilities Management Services
Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy
False Ceiling And Light Partitions Installation
Farms and Manors Management and Operation
Fashion And Clothes Designing
Fashion Shows organization
Feasibility Studies Engineering Consultancy
Fibre Glass Products Maintenance
Fibre Optic Networks Installation and Maintenance
Film Developing and Photo Printing
Fine Arts Consultancy
Fishing Equipment and Tools - Wholesale
Fitting Industrial and Petroleum Facilities
Fixing Boards Along Internal And External Roads
Floor & wall tiling works
Food Industries Consultancy
Food Safety Consulting
Foodstuff Wastes and Leftover Collection
Foundations and Soil Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Foundations digging , pillars installing and rung piles work
Fountains Installation Works
Furniture Transportation
Garbage Collection Services
Gas Extraction Engineering Consultancy
Gear Box Trading
General Trading
Genral Installation Street Lighting and Electrical Signals
Geo-Engineering Survey Engineering Consultancy
Geographical Maps Drawing
Geological and geophysical consultancy and studies and researches
Geophysics, Geo-Chemistry and Geo-Mechanic Engineering Consultancy
Gift-wrapping (By order)
Goods Air Shipment Services
Goods Land Shipment Services
Goods Land Transportation
Goods Marine Shipment Services
Green Buildings Consultant
Green Houses Contracting
Gypsum Extraction
Gypsum Works
Health Consultancy and Planning
Health Services Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Heavy Machinery Engineering Consultancy
Heritage Consulting
Heritage Villages Building Contracting
Hotel Consultancy
House electronic apparatuses repairing -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Human Resources Consultancy
Industrial Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Industrial Establishment Building Contracting
Industrial Facilities Cleaning Services
Industrial Facilities’ Installations Inspection Engineering services
Industrial Ovens and Chimneys Installations
Industrial Plant Equipment and Spare Parts Trading - Wholesale
Industrial Production Engineering Consultancy
Industrial Projects Management
Industrial, Oil and Gas Facilities Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant Services
Information Technology Consultancy
Infrastructure Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Inheritance Risk Management
Inspection and Pricing Services
Installation ,Repair, and Maintenance of The Meteorological and Earthquake Instruments
Installation Airport Runway Lighting
Installation And Maintenance Of Equipment And Instrumentation And Control
Installation Automated and Revolving Doors and Automatic Barriers
Installation and maintenance of alternative energy equipment
Installation of Concrete Acts of Artifacts of Establishments
Installation of Fitted Kitchens Works
Installation of Furniture Works
Installation of electrical wiring and fixtures
Installation of fence and barbed wire
Installation of insulation materials in buildings and facilities
Installation of tents and umbrellas
Installation tools and plumbing
Insurance Consultancy
Interior Design Engineering Consultancy
Interior Design Implementation Works(Decor)
Internal Communication Network Installation and Maintenance
Internal Road Engineering Consultancy
Internal and External Squares Landscaping Contracting
Irrigation Network Contracting
Irrigation Systems Operation For Agricultural Purposes
Irrigation Water Resources Engineering Consultancy
Jewelry Design, Jewelry, Precious
Land Drying Works
Land Reclamation and Soil Improvement Consultancy
Land Survey Engineering Consultancy
Land and Real Estate Purchase and Sale
Land based Aquaculture
Landscape And Gardening Services
Landscaping Works
Leasing Agricultural Equipment
Leasing of electronic video games – Tajer Abu Dhabi (By order)
Legal Consultancy Offices
Levees Contration and Maintenance
Lifestyle Development Consultancy
Lifting and Loading Machines and Equipment Renting
Light Equipment Installation and Operation
Light Machines and Machinery Repairing and Maintenance
Liquids Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Machines Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Main Roads, Streets and Related Works Contracting
Main Sewerage Networks Contracting
Maintenance of mobile phones - Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Maintenance of water wells and passages
Management And Organization Of Sporting Events, External And Internal
Management Services Costs and Risks
Management Services of Companies and Private Institutions
Management and Operation of Public Beaches
Management and Operation of Public Utilities
Management of Goods Shipping Stations In Airports
Management of Goods Shipping Stations In Ports
Management of medical facilities
Managing and Operating Factories
Manufactured Precast Concrete Buildings Installation Contracting
Manufacturing and Materials Engineering and Consultancy
Marina Management And Operation
Marine Backfilling Works
Marine Equipment And Machinery Leasing
Marine Means of Transportation Inspection and Classification
Marine Services Related To Oil Industries
Marine Survey Engineering Consultancy
Marine Transportation Of Passengers Between Countries
Marine, Ports and Waterways Engineering Consultancies
Marketing Consultancy And Studies
Marketing Operations Management
Marketing consultancy in the field of energy
Measurement of radiation
Mechanical Contracting
Mechanical Engineering Consultancy
Mechanical Power Engineering Consultancy
Media representative office
Medical Services and Laboratories Engineering Consultancy
Medical and Laboratories Equipments and Apparatuses Installation, Maintenance and Repairing
Men hairdressing, trimming and styling -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Metal Industries Consultancy
Metal Wastes Collection Works
Metal and Iron Works
Metal construction contracting
Metals Engineering Consultancy
Meteorological and earthquake projects construction
Mind Abilities Development
Mines and Mining Engineering Consultancy and Geological Engineering
Mining Industries Consultancy
Mining and Mines Equipment Engineering Consultancy
Mixing and packaging perfumes
Money and Valuables Transport Services
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Consultancy
Mortgage Consulting
Motorcycles Spare Parts and Outfit Trading
Multi-dimensional printing services
Natural Gas And Oil Well Fortification And Barricade
Natural Gas and Oil Well Equipment Installation and Maintenance
Natural Gas and Oil Well Repair and Maintenance
Network Websites Designing
Networks and power transmission lines contracting
Non-Metal Wastes Collection
Novelties Wholesale
Nuclear Engineering Consultancy
Number of Trade and Agricultural Supplies - Wholesale
Nurseries Management And Operation
Occasions Outfit and Furniture Renting
Office Machines and Calculators Maintenance and Repairing
Office Of The Representation Of Mortgage
Oil Ports Operation (Management And Maintenance)
Oil Tanks Inspection and Maintenance Services
Oil Tanks Instqllqtion and Repair
Oil and Gas Facilities Consultancy
Oil and Gas Filed Facilities Building Contracting
Oil and Gas Transportation Consultancy
Oil and Natural Gas Pipe Lines Installation and Maintenance
Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Construction Contracting
Oil and gas production facilities operation and maintenance services
Online Gaming Services
Onshore And Offshore Oil And Gas Fields And Facilities Services
Organic Wastes Collection Works
Organization And Event Management
Organizing Exhibitions Sports
Organizing Exhibitions of Art Works
Organizing Ground Operations In Airports
Painting Works of Metals
Para-Pharmaceutical Products Wholesale
Parties and Events Accessory Wholesale Trading
Parties and Events organizing
Parties and Occasions Photographing
Party Banquet Preparation Kitchen
Pasco and Kerbstone Works
Persons With Special Needs Equipment Wholesale
Petrochemical Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum Recycling Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum Recycling Units Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum and Gas Tank Pipes Building Engineering Consultancy
Pets hairdressing salon -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Photographic Commercial Photos Production
Photography Services
Photography of parties and events - people of determination
Photography studio -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Photography studio – people of determination
Physical Engineering Consultancy
Pipe Networks and Specialized Connections Installations
Pipelines Testing and Treatment Services
Plague Resisting Consultancy
Plastering & Carving works
Plastering Works
Plastics Engineering Consultancy
Plate Heat Exchangers Wholesale
Pool Cleaning Service
Ports Management
Ports and marine contracting
Power Distribution Networks and Stations Contracting
Power Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Power Generation Plants Maintenance
Power Plants Engineering Consultancy
Power Preservation Consultancy
Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Consultancy
Pre-Fabricated Houses & Parts Rental
Pre-Tension Construction Units Building and Execution Works
Pre-fabricated wooden houses contracting
Prepare Sweets
Printing On Textiles And Wearing Apparel
Printing on desserts
Procurement Consulting
Project Management Services
Public Relations Consultancy
Public security guarding services ) 8010001(
Pumping Plants Maintenance
Pumps, Generators and Engines Renting
Quality, Standardization and Measuring Consultancy
Quantities Calculations and Inventory Engineering Consultancy For Engineering Projects
Radio and Television Programs Distribution
Radio, Television, Cinema and Theatre Equipments and Apparatuses Installation and Maintenance
Radiology Equipments and Apparatuses Installation and Maintenance
Railway Construction Contracting
Railway Engineering Consultancy
Railways management and operation (train)
Rain water drainage contracting
Raw Material Installation Engineering Consultancy
Re-Packaging and Wrapping Services
Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Enterprises Investment, Development, Institution and Management
Real Estate Lease And Management Services
Real Estate Leasing Brokerage
Real Estate Mortgage Broker
Real Estate Pricing Services
Real Estate Purchase and Sale Brokerage
Recreational Services
Reinforcing steel - Wholesale
Rental of sterilization gates and cabins
Renting Vehicles For Specialized Purposes
Renting of Transformative Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Repair And Maintenance Of Ships
Repair and Alteration of Clothing
Repair and Antiquities Preservation Engineering Consultancy
Repair and Maintenance For Pipes and Pipelines
Repair and Maintenance of Agricultural Tractors
Repair and Maintenance of Electric Lighting Equipment
Repair and Maintenance of Trains and Railway Equipment
Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, printing presses
Repair of Metal Tanks, Reservoirs and Containers
Repair welding pipes under the water
Representation office
Rescue Equipment Installation
Rescue Services In Places Of Swimming
Restaurants Management
Retai Sale of Carpets - oriental
Retai Sale of Trips Requirements and Equipments
Retai Sale of Underwear
Retail Sale Air-Conditioner and Coolant Spare Parts
Retail Sale All Kinds of Ready-Made Curtains
Retail Sale Insulation Material
Retail Sale Of Cosmetics
Retail Sale Of Non-Valuable Jewellery And Accessories
Retail Sale Of Printing Equipment And Accessories
Retail Sale Of Professional Clothes
Retail Sale Of Women Ready-Made Clothes
Retail Sale Of Women Shoes
Retail Sale Via Stalls of Clothing Ready
Retail Sale Via Stalls of Fabrics and Textiles
Retail Sale Via Stalls of Rugs and Carpets
Retail Sale Via Stalls of Traditional Sweets and Food
Retail Sale of (Water Refiners) Plug
Retail Sale of Accessories and Supplies Mobile
Retail Sale of Aloes, Incense and Perfume
Retail Sale of Aquariums and Equipments For Fish and Marine Animals Show
Retail Sale of Arabian Clothes
Retail Sale of Artificial
Retail Sale of Artificial Anf Dried Flowers and Plants
Retail Sale of Audio, Video, and Recording Devices and Accessories
Retail Sale of Audio-Visual Empty Tapes and Discs
Retail Sale of Baby Care Equipment Trading
Retail Sale of Baby Ready-Made Clothes
Retail Sale of Baby Shoes
Retail Sale of Baggages and Accessories
Retail Sale of Bicycles and Their Spare Parts and Accessories
Retail Sale of Blanket, Ready-Made Linen and Sheets
Retail Sale of Car Cleaning and Washing Equipments
Retail Sale of Carpets
Retail Sale of Carpets
Retail Sale of Central Air Refining Equipment
Retail Sale of Chandeliers and Lighting Items
Retail Sale of Children Toys Accessories
Retail Sale of Children Toys With Remote Control
Retail Sale of China and Ceramics Products
Retail Sale of Clothes Cleaning Equipments
Retail Sale of Coffee
Retail Sale of Commodities Via Vending Equipment
Retail Sale of Computer Networks Fittings
Retail Sale of Computer Outfit and Data Processing
Retail Sale of Computer Systems and Software
Retail Sale of Computers and Their Accessories
Retail Sale of Cookers and Cook Spare Part
Retail Sale of Cookers, Ovens and Stoves
Retail Sale of Crystal Products
Retail Sale of Cultural Environmental and Hand Made Products
Retail Sale of Curtains and Upholstery Cloth
Retail Sale of Dried Batteries
Retail Sale of E-Games and Entertainment Hall Equipments and Apparatuses
Retail Sale of Education Media and Models
Retail Sale of Electricity Equipment and Fittings
Retail Sale of Elling Video Games Devices
Retail Sale of Fishing Equipment and Tools
Retail Sale of Fountains
Retail Sale of Frames, Photos and Portraits
Retail Sale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Retail Sale of General Stores Equipments and Installations
Retail Sale of Gifts
Retail Sale of Glass and Mirrors
Retail Sale of Hand Umbrellas and Sticks
Retail Sale of Hotel Outfit
Retail Sale of House Prefabrcated Kitchen
Retail Sale of Leather Products and Handbag
Retail Sale of Linking Tools and Accessories
Retail Sale of Marble
Retail Sale of Medical Shoes
Retail Sale of Men Ready-Made Clothes
Retail Sale of Men Shoes
Retail Sale of Metal Productstrading For Buildings,Windows and Doors
Retail Sale of Mobile Phones
Retail Sale of Natural Flowers and Plants
Retail Sale of Non-Medication Pharmaceutical Compositions
Retail Sale of Olive and Pickles
Retail Sale of Packaging and Wrapping Equipments
Retail Sale of Packaging and Wrapping Material
Retail Sale of Perfume
Retail Sale of Photo Development Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Photography Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Preservation and Cooling Equipments and Devices
Retail Sale of Professional Safety and Health Equipments and Requirements
Retail Sale of Professional Shoes
Retail Sale of Restaurant and Kitchen Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Sandals and Slippers
Retail Sale of Sanitary Ware and Fittings
Retail Sale of Sewing Equipment
Retail Sale of Sewing Machines and Spare Parts
Retail Sale of Silverware and Table Ware
Retail Sale of Soap and Hair Care Composition
Retail Sale of Spare Parts Electrical and Electronic Devices
Retail Sale of Specialized Photography Equipment Tools and Accessories
Retail Sale of Spice and Pepper
Retail Sale of Sport Tools
Retail Sale of Sports Clothes
Retail Sale of Sports Fields and Gyms Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Sports Shoes
Retail Sale of Stamps and Accessories
Retail Sale of Swimming Pools
Retail Sale of Textiles and Fabrics
Retail Sale of Unit Air-Conditioner
Retail Sale of Vending Machines
Retail Sale of Wallpaper
Retail Sale of Ware and Tools
Retail Sale of Water Cooling and Heating Equipments and Machinery
Retail Sale of Water Filters
Retail Sale of Water Heaters
Retail Sale of office Equipment
Retail Sale of office Equipments and Machinery
Retail Sale of office Furniture
Retail sale of Horse and Racing-camel Material and Outfit
Retail sale of baby ready-made clothes -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Retail sale of dates -tajir abu dhabi (mobile car)
Retail sale of decor and partitions material
Retail sale of dried batteries -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Retail sale of fodder -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Retail sale of parties and events accessory
Retail sale of video games.
Retail sale sunglasses and non - Medical contact Lenses
Retail selling of inks and printing material
Retailer of fresh marine products, fishes, and seafood - Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Retails Sale of Lighting Equipment and Accessories
Retails Sale of Lighting Tools and Accessories
Retailsale of Mind Abilities Development Equipment
Road Engineering Consultancy
Road Maintenance
Roads and Bridges Management and Operation
Roofs and Scaffolding Support Systems Examination
Run Museums And Historic Buildings
Run The Race Stables
Run and Management of Goods Land Shipping Stations
Safety and Prevention Against Fire Engineering Consultancy
Sale of Goods by Vending Equipment (Except For Food and Drinks) - Stores
Sand Stabilizing Work Execution
Sanitary Installation and Pipes Repairing
Sanitary Sewer Networks Maintenance
Scaffold Installation Works
Scaffolds Renting
School Buses Transportation
Sea based Aquaculture
Seas And Coasts Cleaning Works
Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
Security Services Bank
Security Services Events
Security Services Hospitals
Security Services Hotels
Security Services Vital Installations
Security Systems Consultancy
Security Systems Testing and Checking Services
Self-Owned Property Management Services
Sell Supply The Measurements of The Shoes - Retail
Service Duct Connection Drilling
Services Broker
Services, Management and Operation of Computer Networks
Sewerage Treatment Stations Contracting
Sewerage and Collecting and Disposing of Wasted Water Engineering Consultancy
Sewerage fittings maintenance -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Ship Piloting and Towing
Ship Renting Intermediate
Shipment Containers Loading and Offloading Services
Ships And Yachts Cleaning Services
Ships Management And Operation
Shooting Ranges Works
Simultaneous Translation Services
Site Levelling
Sites Landscaping and Coordinating Engineering Consultancy
Snack Selling (Cafeteria)
Soil Testing and Classification Engineering Consultancy
Space Consultancies
Spare Parts For Jet Skis and Accessories
Special Barns For Raising Racing-Camels
Special Barns For Raising Racing-Horses
Sport Enterprises Investment, Institution And Management
Sports Brokerage Service
Sports Clubs And Facilities Management And Operation
Sports Consultancy And Studies
Sports Events Marketing
Sports Grounds and Racetracks Greenery Service
Sports Playgrounds Rental And Management
Sports Races And Championships Organization Services
Sports Services And Contracting
Sterilization gates and booths trade
Stone Installation Works
Storehouses and Warehouses Management and Operation
Street Cleaning Services
Street Lighting Engineering Consultancy
Submain Sewerage Networks and Houses Connection Contracting
Suitcases and Travel Requisites Wholesale
Sunglasses and non - medical contact lenses - Wholesale
Survey Planning, Air Photography and Information Management Systems Engineering Consultancy
Swimming Pools Installation Works
Swimming Pools Maintenance
Tailoring and Sewing Children Clothes
Tailoring and Sewing Men Abayas (Bshuts)
Tailoring and Sewing Sports Clothes
Tailoring and Sewing Women Arab Clothes (Women Abayas)
Tailoring and sewing women clothes -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Tailoring, Sewing and Knitting Men Non-Arab Clothes (Suits)
Tanks & Reservoirs Cleaning Services
Tax Consultancy
Technical Consultancy of Buildings and Engineering Models Execution
Technical maintenance of factories and oil installations(0910009)
Technological Projects Management
Telecommunication Systems Equipment Installation and Maintenance
Television And Satellite Channel Receivers Installation And Maintenance
Tents and umbrellas rental
The realization of the implementation of the models and maquettes
The wholesale trading in the shipping systems and spare parts of the green vehicles
Theatres and Cinemas Management
Tinging and Painting Works
Tourist Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Towing and Transporting of Motorcycle Idl
Trade Accessories and Supplies Animals and Birds - Wholesale
Trade Appliances offers Laser
Trade Astronomy, Earthquakes and Meteorology Monitoring Equipment - Wholesale
Trade Marks Registration Agents
Trade and Floor Tiles - Wholesale
Trade of industrial gases - Wholesale
Tradeing, Private Cars For Transport Security
Trading All Kinds of Ready-Made Curtains - Wholesale
Trading New Trailers
Trading in Insulating materials for vehicles Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Trading in insulating materials for buildings Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Trading of Metallic Waste
Trading of Paper Waste
Trading of Plastic Waste
Trading of telecommunication equipment - Wholesale
Trading systems and energy saving tools and accessories wholesale
Traffic and Means of Transportation Planning Engineering Consultancy
Train Bodies and Carriages Trading
Trains Cleaning Services
Translation Publications Services
Translation Services, Movies and Television Programs
Transport By Refrigerator Trucks
Transport Of Materials Assembl Light Trucks
Transport Of Materials Assembly Heavy Truck
Transport cement materials
Transportation Consultancy
Transportation Via Specialized Cars
Transportation of Medical Materials
Trikke Scooters Rental
Trikke Scooters Trading
Trippers Dump Body Trading
Trips supplies and equipment renting
Trucks Rental
Trucks Tyres and Outfit Trading
Trucks, Equipment and Machinery Batteries Trading
Tunnel Engineering Consultancy
Tunnels contracting
Tyres changing and repairing -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Urban Planning Engineering Consultancy
Utensils and Tools Wholesale Trading
Valet Parking Services
Vehicles Mechanics Repair
Vehicles Oil Change
Vehicles Oil Change -Tajir Abu Dhabi (By order)
Veterinarian Consultancy
Vip Security Services
Visual Recordings Wholesale
Wallpaper Fixing Works
Warehousing.and.inventory services installations
Waste and Garbage Treatment Consultancy
Watches Repairing
Water Bikes Leasing
Water Collection and Distribution
Water Concrete Tanks Projects Contracting
Water Desalination Plants Engineering Consultancy
Water Desalination and Treatment Plants Operation and Maintenance
Water Desalination and Treatment Stations Contracting
Water Fittings Maintenance
Water Inlets Contracting
Water Iron Tanks Projects Contracting
Water Passages Drilling and Deepening
Water Pump Stations Projects Contracting
Water Pumps Installation and Maintenance
Water Transmission and Distribution Engineering Consultancy
Water Transportation
Water Treatment and Refining Equipment Installation
Water Wells Drilling Contracting
Weather Forecasting and Aviation Devices Engineering Consultancy
Wedding Halls Management
Welectronic Card Wholesale
Wholesale Energy Drinks Tradeing
Wholesale Of Alarm And Monitor Devices And Equipment Trading
Wholesale Of Camels Trading
Wholesale Of Clothing Accessories Trading
Wholesale Of Cows Trading
Wholesale Of Irrigation Equipment And Devices And Outfit Trading
Wholesale Of Land Phones And Wired Communication Devices Trading
Wholesale Of Lighting Columns Trading
Wholesale Of Marine Equipment And Machinery Trading
Wholesale Of Measurement And Control Equipment And Devices Trading
Wholesale Of Mechanical Equipment Trading
Wholesale Of Mobile Phones Trading
Wholesale Of Precise Electronic Devices Trading
Wholesale Of Security Apparatuses And Equipment Trading
Wholesale Of Ships And Boats Trading
Wholesale Of Telecommunication Equipment Trading
Wholesale Of Vending Equipment Trading
Wholesale Tools and Accessories Extensions of Computer Networks
Wholesale Trading of Agricultural Greenhouses Equipment and Supplies
Wholesale Trading of Equipment and Apparatuses of Live-Stock and Poultry Farms
Wholesale Trading of Hand Bags and Leather Products
Wholesale Trading of Industrial Sponge
Wholesale Trading of Lighting Tools and Its Supplies
Wholesale Trading of Linking Tools and Accessories
Wholesale Trading of Radio and Television Equipment
Wholesale Trading of Sticks and Hand-Held Umbrellas
Wholesale Trading of Wallpaper
Wholesale Trading of Wood
Wholesale Video Games Trading
Wholesale of (Water Filters) Plugs Trading
Wholesale of Accessories and Supplies Trade Mobile Phones
Wholesale of Aerials and Receivers Trading
Wholesale of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment and Spare Parts Trading
Wholesale of Air-Conditioner and Coolant Spare Parts Trading
Wholesale of Airport Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Aloes, Incense and Perfume Trading
Wholesale of Aluminium Sections and Extracts Trading
Wholesale of Animal and Poultry Food Trading
Wholesale of Apiaries Equipment and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Aquariums and Equipment Trading of Fish and Marine Animals Show
Wholesale of Arabian Clothes Trading
Wholesale of Artificial Dried Flowers and Plants Trading
Wholesale of Artificial Stone Trading
Wholesale of Audio-Visual and Recording Apparatuses and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Baby Care Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Baby Shoes Trading
Wholesale of Balances and Scales Trading
Wholesale of Bicycles and Spare Parts and Outfits Trading
Wholesale of Birds -Trading
Wholesale of Blanket, Ready-Made Linen and Sheets Trading
Wholesale of Blast Furnaces and Smelters Trading
Wholesale of Block Trading
Wholesale of Boxes and Packets Trading
Wholesale of Bread and Bakeries Products Trading
Wholesale of Building Cleaning Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Building Engineering Models and Solids Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Building Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Building Sand, Pebbles and Stones Trading
Wholesale of Buildings, Windows and Doors Metal Products Trading
Wholesale of Calculators and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Candles Trading
Wholesale of Canned and Preserved Foodstuff Trading
Wholesale of Canvas and Ropes Trading
Wholesale of Car Cleaning and Washing Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Carbonated Beverages Trading
Wholesale of Cardboard Trading
Wholesale of Carpet Trading
Wholesale of Carpets Trading
Wholesale of Cement Products Trading
Wholesale of Cement and Gypsum Trading
Wholesale of Central Air Refining Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Central Air-Conditioner Trading
Wholesale of Cereals and Seeds Trading
Wholesale of Chandeliers and Lighting Items Trading
Wholesale of Children Games Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Children Ready-Made Clothes Trading
Wholesale of China and Ceramics Products Trading
Wholesale of Chocolate Trading
Wholesale of Cities Cleaning Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Clearance Machines Trading and Maintenance
Wholesale of Clothes Cleaning Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Clothes Made of Fur Trading
Wholesale of Coal and Firewood Trading
Wholesale of Cocoa Trading
Wholesale of Coffee Trading
Wholesale of Computer Outfit and Data Processing Trading
Wholesale of Computer Systems and Software Trading
Wholesale of Computers and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Congratulation and Invitation Card Trading
Wholesale of Construction and Building Equipment and Machinery and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Cookers and Cook Spare Part Tradin
Wholesale of Corned and Preserved Fish and Marine Animals Trading
Wholesale of Cosmetics Equipment and Tools
Wholesale of Cosmetics and Trading
Wholesale of Crew Health and Fittings For Bathrooms Trading
Wholesale of Crops, Cereals and Greens Trading
Wholesale of Crude Leather Trading
Wholesale of Crude Plastic and Nylon Trading
Wholesale of Crystal Products Trading
Wholesale of Cultural Environmental and Hand Made Products Trading
Wholesale of Curtains Clothes and Upholstery Trading
Wholesale of Dates Trading
Wholesale of Decor Fish and Marine Animals Trading
Wholesale of Decor and Partition Material Trading
Wholesale of Development Equipment and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Diary and Its Products Trading
Wholesale of Dive Gear Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Dried Battery Trading
Wholesale of Dvertisement Media and Instruments Trading
Wholesale of E-Gates and Barriers Trading
Wholesale of Eastern Carpet
Wholesale of Egg Trading
Wholesale of Electrical Distribution Boards Trading
Wholesale of Electrical Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Electricity Equipment and Fittings Trading
Wholesale of Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Electricity Transformers and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Electricity Transformers and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Electronic Valves and Pipes Trading
Wholesale of Electronic and Normal Fortified Strongboxes Trading
Wholesale of Elevators and Escalators and Spare Parts Trading
Wholesale of Empty Gas Cylinder Trading
Wholesale of Engineering Drawing Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Environment Protection Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Equipment and Agricultural Machinery and Accessories Trading
Wholesale of False Ceiling Trading
Wholesale of Fence and Barbed Wire Trading
Wholesale of Fibre-Glass Products Trading
Wholesale of Fibre-Optic Products, Accessories and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Filling and Packaging Material Trading
Wholesale of Flags Trading
Wholesale of Flour Trading
Wholesale of Fodder Trading
Wholesale of Food Additions Trading
Wholesale of Food Oil and Animal and Plant Fat Trading
Wholesale of Formal Clothes Tradin
Wholesale of Frames, Photos and Portraits Trading
Wholesale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Trading
Wholesale of Fresh Meat Trading
Wholesale of Frozen Fish and Marine Animals Trading
Wholesale of Frozen Foodstuff Trading
Wholesale of Games and Baby Toys Trading
Wholesale of Games and Baby Toys Trading
Wholesale of General Stores Equipment and Installations Trading
Wholesale of Glass and Mirror Trading
Wholesale of Glue and Gum Trading
Wholesale of Grease and Lubricants Trading
Wholesale of Greenhouse Building Material Trading
Wholesale of Gypsum Products Trading
Wholesale of Honey and Apiaries Products Trading
Wholesale of Horse and Racing-Camel Material and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Hotels Outfit
Wholesale of House Furniture and Cabinet Work Trading
Wholesale of House Prefabricated Kitchens Trading
Wholesale of House Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Electrical Apparatuses Trad
Wholesale of Iced Beverages Trading
Wholesale of Ink and Printing Material Trading
Wholesale of Insects and Rodents Pesticides Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Insulating Material Trading
Wholesale of Iron Products Trading
Wholesale of Journey Equipment and Tools Trading
Wholesale of Laboratory and Factory Tools and Outfit Trading
Wholesale of Lifting and Loading Equipment and Machinery Trading
Wholesale of Living Animals Trading
Wholesale of Magnetic Technology Apparatuses Trading
Wholesale of Marble Trading
Wholesale of Marine Equipment and Machinery Spare Parts Trading
Wholesale of Marine Guiding and Port Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Mattresses and Sponge Mattresses Trading
Wholesale of Medical Gas Trading
Wholesale of Medical Shoes Trading
Wholesale of Men Ready-Made Clothes Trading
Wholesale of Men Shoes Trading
Wholesale of Metal Constructional Ropes Trading
Wholesale of Metal Wires Trading
Wholesale of Mills and Bakeries Equipment and Machinery Trading
Wholesale of Mineral Water Trading
Wholesale of Musical Instruments Trading
Wholesale of Natural Plants and Flowers Trading
Wholesale of